Fresh Docs

Welcome to DocuDrop NYC, a digital publication and archive project by John Bolger. I’m John Bolger, and I like to publish government documents.

I am constantly FOILing, and constantly getting docs. More docs than I could possibly write pitch emails to every magazine editor in the city! So they end up here, a sort of clearinghouse for sweet government docs.

Sweet Docs

The format is simple: I’ll post some sweet docs up-front. Often I’ll analyze them. Sometimes I’ll just drop them without further discussion. Some analysis may contain opinion, but that will be obvious if so.

The main point is to get the docs out. Some of the writing here may be more casual as a result, but never at the expense of fact.

For my regular commissioned and original investigatory works, check S’Now’Den.


John Bolger
Investigative Reporter, Software Developer, Data Scraper. Based in New York City.