After disenfranchising 200 thousand voters in 2016 – and settling the lawsuit – the NYCBOE outsources its functions to the private sector, for $24 million, rather than reform
How well can you do on these NYPD Academy exams?
How to exercise your First Amendment right to film the police, or, How the police can abridge your First Amendment right to film them
A look at two competing data sources within NYPD show wild discrepancies which shroud more mystery on last summer's unrest than it uncovers
Internal mass messages provide a time capsule look at the early pandemic, and document that maskless officers at protests violated department policy
When officers use force, they must report it in the NYPD's "Finest Online Records Management System" where police violence is tracked
After last summer's unrest, the NYPD Training Bureau issues a refresher on the proper use of OC spray
A cache of internal NYPD documents and OEM emails reveal new details about what happened last summer during the civil unrest
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